History of HKIAP

In 2003 August at the IAAP (International Association of Analytical Psychology) Barcelona Congress, the executive committee of IAAP formally granted recognition of Hong Kong’s Jungian interest group as a Developing Group. Prior to this, the group existed for nearly six years having begun since the aftermath of the First Jung and Chinese Culture Conference in Guangzhou in December 1998, in which a number of people from Hong Kong attended.  This group was keen to explore the parallels between basic concepts in analytical psychology and Chinese thoughts and meet on a regular basis conducting seminars and talks.  Most of those who attended came from mental health professional community, including psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and other psychotherapists.  Amongst these, there grew the need for more international input, particularly following the second International Analytical Psychology and Chinese Culture Conference held in Guangzhou in September 2002.  The group decided to apply for formal recognition as a Developing Group of IAAP.  The move was designed to alert visiting Jungian analysts to consider stopping by Hong Kong and deliver talks and workshops. It also enabled a number of local therapists who were willing to go forward on the route to become individual members of IAAP through the Router Program. Early in 2004, the group registered as a Society, naming itself, The Hong Kong Institute of Analytical Psychology (HKIAP) with 17 paid up members.  

As the group flourishes continuously and for the planning of its future, the executive committee of HKIAP decided to formalise it as a limited company and it was ultimately incorporated in Hong Kong on 24th April, 2018.  By then, the new board of directors was formed with seven directors serving voluntarily.  In the 2019 IAAP Kyoto Congress, we were having 6 local analysts, eligible to apply for group membership of IAAP.  The HKIAP constitution was rewritten with ethical code and new membership categories for this purpose. In 2022 IAAP Buenos Aires Congress, we were formally delegated as a group member of IAAP.  Also, by this time, HKIAP is now having over 70 members and out of them there are 12 routers and 10 local analysts whom enabling it to be eligible for applying as group member of IAAP with training status as the next step forward.

Mission Statements

Hong Kong is a vital world-class city being the southern gate to the Mainland China, bridging the East to the West for hundreds of years.  With its unique cultural background and geographic position, HKIAP is aiming to become the hub of analytical psychology for both the locals and its south-east Asian neighbourhoods to promote and enhance the continued development of analytical psychology based upon professional standards and indigenized it to the Eastern cultures; to promote and exchange of knowledge among mental health professionals; to conduct lectures, workshops and seminars in analytical psychology for those who might benefit; to develop training opportunities and programs for existing routers/candidates and potential Jungian psychoanalysts; to establish links in analytical psychology between practitioners and interested persons in Hong Kong and those throughout Asia and the rest of the world; and finally to develop healthy partnership with the International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAAP) in maintaining and enhancing the status of HKIAP as a group member within IAAP.

Directors of HKIAP

President: Marie Chiu

Honorary secretary: Kenneth Wong

Honorary treasurer: Karen Choy

Directors: Deborah Chan, Annie Ho, Marshall Lee, Emma Wong