This is an online event that consists of a 2-hour lecture and a 2-hour seminar.

What you’ll study

Fairy tales describe archetypal patterns and thus collective unconscious processes that operate behind zeitgeist phenomena. They deepen our understanding of contemporary social phenomena. Basically, every fairy tale contains an essential psychological message about fundamental human conflicts that have existed in all epochs and cultures, and which are relevant to us today and will remain so in the future. Because of this timelessness and internationality, fairy tales are a valuable resource when we are confronted with difficulties that were also experienced by our ancestors. Fairy tales show us what it needs to overcome such difficult situations, but also how to fail and why.

  1. Trust and Mistrust in Fairy tales (on 20 Jan 2024)
  2. Becoming a medical doctor /psychotherapist (on 2 Mar 2024)
  3. Legend of White Snake (on 23 Mar 2024)

About the Lecturer


Renate Daniel, MD, studied medicine at the University of Heidelberg and specialized in the fields of psychiatry and psychotherapy. She is a Jungian analyst, teaching analyst/ supervisor, former program director at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich and now member of the Curatorium. She also works as a specialist at the C.G. Jung Outpatient’s Clinic in Zurich, and is a member of the Scientific Management Board of the International Society of Depth Psychology (IGT) and a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Lindau Psychotherapy Weeks (LPTW), held in Germany.


Member: HK$ 2200

Non-member: HK$ 3000


On three Saturdays:

– 20 Jan 2024
– 2 Mar 2024
– 23 Mar 2024

HKT 15:00-20:00 [incl. 1-hour break]

Online meeting via Zoom

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How to apply?

Deadline: May 8,2022

Please fill the form


#you will be notified for payment after successful registration
#All fees are non-refundable